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Global Summer/ Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The Jack H. Brown College at California State University San Bernardino invites international student groups and professors to an annual Global Summer Leadership Program. Spend up to 12 Days during the summer season in Southern California exploring Entrepreneurship and Innovation, delivered by CSUSB's Center for Extended and Global Education (CEGE) and our globally recognized Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship (IECE) and School of Entrepreneurship!

Individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset are increasingly leading business and societal change. Entrepreneurs in all contexts - arts, business, public sector, healthcare, social movements - are unleashing innovation, solving pressing problems and transforming economies.

During the Global Summer Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, participants will explore the many facets of entrepreneurship, have interesting discussions, participate in experiential learning, and meet successful local entrepreneurs.

Global Summer Participant-FABIO ANDRES EMBUS
It was a wonderful, life-changing experience that transformed my way of thinking!
/FABIO ANDRES EMBUS Master’s Student from Gerente LC&A in Columbia


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Intensive 40-Hour Program

The intensive 30-hour program examines the people and processes of entrepreneurship, addressing the questions:

  • Who are entrepreneurs and what makes them unique?
  • What are the processes and resources used by entrepreneurs and what drives innovation?
  • How and where do entrepreneurial ideas come from? How can we tell the difference between an idea and an opportunity?
  • What are the different startup models and tools employed by entrepreneurs?

In addition, participants will have ample time to visit various tourist sites in Southern California and socialize with fellow participants, expanding their global network of connections. Ultimately the participants will learn how to think and act like an owner in any context!

Global Summer - QUOTE Student participant
It was a wonderful, life-changing experience that transformed my way of thinking!
/2018 program participant

About the Course

2024 Session - July 8-19, 2024.

Classes will be taught in English, and will include a mix of international students. The course includes 30-hours of instruction, led by CSUSB’s award winning Entrepreneurship faculty. The courses will engage students in experiential learning and take a project-based learning approach, including case studies of notable entrepreneurial leaders in diverse sectors.

Student Profile, Prerequisites, Pedagogy & Learning Outcomes

The Global Summer program is open to undergraduate and graduate students. Students from all majors are welcome. The courses will be taught without requiring any prior knowledge, except a “seeker” mindset for engaging in exciting academic discovery focusing on grand societal and global challenges.

Program Cost

Program fee for Summer 2024 - $4,097.18 per student. Please inquire to CEGE's International Education Team at for more information.

Global Summer - QUOTE Student participant2
To know how ideas can be made and molded into an opportunity was enlightening.
I’m thinking like an owner now!

/2018 program participant
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