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The IECE State of Entrepreneurship Report

Our goal in producing the State of Entrepreneurship research study is to bring the voice of local entrepreneurs to those who need to hear it most - local and state policy makers, community organizations, lenders, and other resource providers. The Voice of the Entrepreneur survey sends powerful feedback on the challenges that entrepreneurs and business owners of the Inland Southern California region face. The survey is drawn from our extensive network, consisting of over 10,000 entrepreneurs and business owners representing a diverse group of industries.

This report is a very powerful tool for policy makers, economic impact drivers, as well as the business owners and entrepreneurs to analyze growth potential within the Inland Empire region. Using measurable data, we aim to identify the challenges and opportunities facing local business owners, as well as obstacles that may be impeding business growth. The end result is a concise report that will give us insight on how we can effectively learn and evolve together with a regional focus.

Download the 2021 State of Entrepreneurship Report

Custom Research & Reporting

Dedicated custom research reporting services available. Gain insight to your preferred audience with curated data reporting on the state of entrepreneurship and small business activity within a specific region, city, or beyond. Our research team can customize a data driven effort that delivers metrics and recruiting respondents for a deeper understanding of those you serve! Please take a minute and connect with us to learn more.

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