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Even YOU Can Build an APP

Even YOU Can Build an APP Workshop Series

CSUSB Students Have you ever wanted to learn How to build a mobile app?

Do you have a great idea for a mobile app but no access to technical support? This new workshop series, developed by our Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Steve Abbott, is a huge part of the new APP Lab that is in development and partnership with Apple, Inc and AACSB. Using Swift programming format, you can learn to build a mobile app by playing games! NO TECHNICAL SKILLS REQUIRED!

What's Involved?

Mobile Application Development 3-Part Series for CSUSB Students:

    Part 1: Exploring the Playgrounds - Exposing beginners to app coding language concepts

    Part 2: Functional App Development - Start to build a custom app within the user interface

    Part 3: Process of Deployment - Functional deployment and testing of a custom app to take to the app market


  • No technical skills required
  • Total run time 1 academic year
  • Virtual workshop & project investment time 4-6 hours per week
  • (Equipment available for those that qualify)

QUESTIONS? Please contact Steve Abbott for any questions at

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